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Claim Evaluation Support

Proxiio’s Claim Evaluation Support Services provide the assistance you need in assessing and analyzing your legal claims.

Our Service

Assessing the strength of a case through Claim Evaluation is a pivotal task for lawyers, influencing decisions on subsequent legal actions. Our process encompasses various elements, including the examination of evidence, the evaluation of pleadings and agreements between parties, and a thorough analysis of statutes specific to the state in question. Proxiio’s comprehensive nature of Claim Evaluation is instrumental in guiding legal professionals toward informed and strategic choices in the pursuit of legal proceedings.

Our Solution

Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of claims, our solution supports lawyers by offering a comprehensive end-to-end approach that harnesses the power of technology and AI to scrutinize extensive information sources. This facilitates swift and intelligent decision-making, relying on a dual assessment that combines both factual and legal considerations for claims.



Claim Evaluation Support

Claims provided by the client or evaluated based on merit

All information sources are pinpointed for assessment

Technology and AI are utilized to analyze and present claims

A final decision regarding whether or not to pursue legal action is made