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Data Subject Access Requests

Proxiio's DSAR service seamlessly integrates expert experience and eDiscovery support to aid clients in navigating GDPR and CCPA compliance challenges, ensuring a comprehensive approach to data subject access requests.

Our Service

Our Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) service is designed to facilitate and manage the challenges of discovery and review of documents for organizations that hold and process personal data.
Proxiio ensures seamless retrieval and provision of the requested personal data in accordance with applicable data protection regulations. The DSAR service plays a crucial role in navigating the complexities of data privacy compliance, assisting organizations in maintaining transparency and adherence to legal requirements.

Our Solution

The process begins with the client validating the request and establishing a timeline for compliance. Proxiio's dedicated team steps in to provide unwavering support, collaborating with the client to create a playbook tailored to each request. The collected data and documents are then processed and seamlessly transferred for thorough review by the Proxiio team. The team meticulously examines the documents, identifying relevant data elements, and redacting any non-relevant or confidential information to ensure compliance with data protection regulations. Once the review is complete, Proxiio's team securely delivers the verified and pertinent data/documents to the client. Subsequently, the client shares this information with the requestor, concluding the DSAR process with a secure and transparent exchange of information.