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Sanjay Newatia

Founder & CEO – SKN Advisors

Sanjay Newatia, founder & CEO of SKN Advisors, is a seasoned financial visionary and strategic leader boasting a stellar 30-year career in international banking. At the helm of SKN Advisors Limited, a prestigious consultancy firm catering to elite clients across the UK, India, and the Middle East, Sanjay has garnered a reputation as a trusted advisor to prominent Indian families. With extensive expertise and remarkable deal-making abilities, he stands as an invaluable asset to Proxiio.

Distinguished for his strategic acumen and adeptness in driving success within complex financial landscapes, Sanjay Newatia is a notable financial expert. Harnessing his wealth of experience and an impressive track record, he plays a pivotal role in steering Proxiio on its trajectory to becoming a Globally Trusted Brand in the Legal Services Industry.