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Proxiio Co-Founders & Board Member


Sanjay Singh

Founder & Managing Director Polestar Capital Holdings and Investments

Sanjay Singh, a distinguished financial luminary, boasts a remarkable journey of over two decades as a strategic pioneer in Indian Capital Markets and advisory. As the Founder and Managing Director of Polestar Capital, he leads a value-added advisory firm dedicated to providing clients with appropriate capital solutions for their businesses. Sanjay's expertise in Origination, Structuring, and Distribution of Structured Credit, coupled with unparalleled access to Global and Domestic investors, places him in a league beyond the ordinary in investment banking.

Sanjay's proficiency extends to building multiple businesses from the ground up, with notable ventures including Polestar Capital and Finplex. Serving as the Director on Board for Proxiio Global Solutions Private Limited, he plays a key role in shaping Proxiio's financial trajectory. Sanjay is instrumental in providing access to Indian and Global Capital Markets, while also shaping the fund-raising strategy across the entire capital structure.

Sanjay is an all-India ranker C.A., C.W.A. and C.S and a commerce Hon’s graduate from St. Xavier’s, Kolkata