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April 23, 2024

Proxiio Sets New Standard for Legal Industry: A Fresh Approach to Legal Solutions

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Proxiio launched its services in the U.S. market on March 12th, 2024, with the aim of disrupting the alternative legal solution provider space. The company is led by CEO Deepak Mishra, a trusted leader with 30 years of global experience across diverse cultures, verticals, and businesses. In his past, he served in a Fortune 50 company as business leader and was responsible for building a global capability center for a Fortune 100 financial service corporation and captive startups in telecom and global managed services, spearheading business transformation using next generation cutting-edge technology innovation blended with cognitive intelligence. In today’s blog, we got Deepak’s perspective on what it means to him to be a disruptor in the legal space.

What is the core innovation Proxiio has introduced to the legal industry, and how does it improve upon existing practices? 

Proxiio has a new approach that differentiates the company from other providers because we go up the value chain by being an extended arm of a law firm or in-house legal department’s team, integrating with their core values. We are effectively marrying human expertise with technological innovations to bring real value to our clients.

Volatile pricing from alternate legal service providers in managed services projects has long frustrated legal professionals and we heard this repeatedly that the final bill for a project never matched the estimate from the beginning of the project, making it difficult to forecast budgets. This problem has serious implications for client satisfaction. At Proxiio, we’re solving that problem by guaranteeing our pricing. We combine subject matter expertise and technology to accurately scope and deliver on a project to make a win-win situation for all.

Proxiio’s solutions are built on direct and open relationships with clients, cutting-edge technology, an experienced team, guaranteed pricing and tailor-made solutions that clients will truly feel is like a breath of fresh air in their daily lives.

In what ways does your company leverage technology to enhance legal outcomes or streamline legal processes?

First of all, Proxiio customizes its workflows to suit the specific needs of each client, ensuring a tailored approach to every project. Additionally, Proxiio actively incorporates automation technologies, including AI, to further enhance efficiency and provide even greater value to clients.

We’ve seen legal solution providers that have been in the marketplace for decades with legacy products and solutions, accumulating layers of outdated technology, processes, and methodologies and hindering their ability to adapt swiftly to the evolving needs of their clients. These intricate webs of legacy systems and practices can impede innovation and hinder efficiency. As a result, clients may find themselves grappling with outdated solutions that struggle to keep pace with the dynamic demands of the modern legal landscape.

Proxiio offers a fresh perspective, unencumbered by the constraints of legacy baggage. By leveraging the latest processes and technologies without the need for transformation, Proxiio can deliver agile, tailored solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of clients effectively and efficiently.

What challenges have you faced in introducing disruptive practices to a traditionally conservative industry, and how have you overcome them?

Change is difficult for everyone, and lawyers certainly have a reputation for being distinctly resistant to change, whether it is disruptive or not. A few things have helped Proxiio as we’ve introduced our services. First, we have an exceptional team of full-time, qualified attorneys with decades of experience in delivering legal solutions to law firms and in-house legal departments at Fortune 500 corporations. They are truly committed to delivering the right solutions the first time, every time. Second, we have world-class infrastructure and security that follows international standards for information security and quality assurance. Third, we’ve chosen some of the best technologies available today to drive efficiency, quality, and predictability, including Relativity One. Finally, offering our guaranteed predictable pricing is so enticing to legal professionals because it is refreshing and unique.

How do you see your company's role evolving in the future as the legal industry continues to change?

At Proxiio, we build our foundation on best and next generation solutions in the current environment and are future ready as of today. What we mean by that is that we have the cutting-edge technology and processes today to bring immediate value to clients. These processes and technologies not only serve existing requirements but are also fully capable of scaling to future challenges we must help clients solve. This also effectively means that when new legal challenges arise that we don’t even know about today, Proxiio will be ready and at the forefront with their legal and technical expertise to help our clients. Whether today or in the future, our aim will always be to provide our clients an effective, efficient, transparent, and bespoke solutions.

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